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A lady's parasol makes a statement to the world about who she is.  Sedate and functional; or fanciful and fun…When we recover an antique parasol frame, we use the best possible silks and silk blends available; exquisite antique lace or fringe when possible, or the loveliest modern trims that are correct for the period.  Whether we cover a frame sent to us by a customer, or she chooses one from our extensive collection, great care is taken to make the finished parasol as authentic and lovely as we can.  


Learn about the development of 19th century parasols


Some repairs can be done to customer's parasols.  Henry Vincent has become proficient at making replacement cane ribs, and has a limited inventory of other parts.  He can create replacement wood finials for '60's marquis parasols, and early '70's straight handled types, and using modern materials, he can sometimes copy period repair styles.


Parasols may be unlined or lined - we try to recover them as closely to their original style as possible.


Readymade parasols range in price from $150  to about $300 depending on the frame, silks and trims used. 

They can be found in our Store Section.

To find out more about having a custom parasol done for you, parasol repairs, or about having yours recovered contact Marta Vincent at theladysbodice@aol.com.
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