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Every lady deserves to be beautiful on the ballroom floor.  Our gowns allow you to shine in authentic period fashion.

We make custom ballgowns to customers' specifications, using a variety of fine fashion fabrics - the frothy and diaphanous cottons most favored in the 1850's-1860's, other sheer and lightweight fabrics such as silks and silk blends and the ever-popular silk taffetas. Clients either supply their own fabric or order fabric from our dry goods store, in which we have a number of dress-length silks at price below what you might pay for a quality synthetic. Ready made ballgowns run from about $220 to about $800, depending on fabric, trim and the amount of detail work involved.

To find out more about the process of having a custom gown made, go to

The Custom Works Studio.


More Evening Dresses and Ballgowns

More Examples of Multi-Purpose Dresses



One of the most visible colors on the ballroom floor is white, closely followed by light pastels and pearl colors. 

Learn more about mid 19th century ballgowns and their colors!



White is also a color imminently suitable for your ladies. And a light summer sheer dress can also double as a dreamy ballgown!


Fine detailing makes every gown special and unique


While young ladies wear whites and pastels, mature ladies may still be visible in light shades of more subdued colors - green, pearl, yellow and corals and some pinks need not be girlish at all!


Time to start dreaming of your very own,

very special gown.


Want to see more? 

More Evening Dresses and Ballgowns

More Examples of Multi-Purpose Dresses

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