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Important! Read this before taking your measurements

It is important that you mark your torso as shown in the first picture. Please run the armscye markers under the arms and up over the shoulders as shown (so they rest in the small space created by the acromioclavicular joint). Do not push the waist tape down, but let it rest where you are the narrowest in the corset.

Measure preferably in centimeters (the small number on your measuring tape), do not mathematically convert inches into centimeters. If your tape has only inches, use those. Please do not mix the two types of units.

Measurements for dresses and bodices must be taken over period correct underpinnings. A corset is necessary when measuring for a ball gown or other low bodiced dress and should also be worn in measuring for any other bodice if you're planning to wear this with a corset.

Get a friend to help you if possible. Some of these measurements are virtually impossible to do on your own. (click on each measurement description for photographs)

Click on link below to take your Measurements:

Ladies' Measurements

Men's Measurements

Children's Measurements

Boy's Size Chart

Measuring for a Corset

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How to Measure
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