Measuring for a Corset

Measure preferably in centimeters (the small number on your measuring tape), do not mathematically convert inches into centimeters. If your tape has only inches, use those. Please do not mix the two types of units.

Get a friend to help you if possible. Some of these measurements are virtually impossible to do on your own.

Use the form below to record your measurements and email them to Kay. If you prefer to send your measurements by “snail mail”, click here for the printer friendly version of the form.

Address Details
Measurement Details

Please measure in centimeters for better accuracy if you can, unless your measuring tape only has inches on it!

Measure across the nipples, all the way around.
Measure just under the bust, tightly all the way around your chest.
Tie a string or belt around your waist to determine the narrowest spot, measure there, all around.
Measure all around about 4 inches below your waist line.
Measure from your armpit to your waist line, this will determine the length of your corset.
If you need a specific corset style or leave blank to let me pick the right style for you.

To add your corset order to the waiting list:

Please send a deposit of at least $95 together with your measurements and shipping address. You may pay by check (preferred) or through The turn around time for corsets is usually about 12-13 weeks, but up to 16 weeks in spring and summer. You can have your corset rushed for an additional $50, this includes an upgrade to Express shipping if necessary; then the deposit has to be at least $145. RUSH orders will be turned in 4 weeks after receipt of the order and deposit, unless there are exceptional circumstances. Please check for time needed on RUSH orders which require hand-detailing. We charge a flat fee of $8 for shipping and handling (US), inquire for shipments of more than one corset.

Corset Upgrade Options:

100% cotton herringbone coutil $20 /corset
100% silk duchesse $80/corset
Additional topstiching in heavier 100% cotton thread $10
Hand buttonhole stitching at base of gussets $20
Hand scalloping at top edge $15 per foot

Paypal payment:

If you prefer to pay using the PayPal service, please include the measurements in the message box provided there or the email address supplied in the form above. If the email address for the PayPal account is different from your usual email address, please let me know! Please make payments to

Check Payment:

If you prefer to pay by check, please mail checks and measurements to: Originals by Kay 721 East Wayne Street Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802


Most items ordered from Originals by Kay are returnable for full or partial refund or store credit. The amount of the refund depends on the timely return of the items and their condition upon arrival here. Shipping cannot be refunded. Check refunds can only be made once your check has cleared my bank (usually 2 weeks after receipt). If you have paid for your item through PayPal and if you require a refund (not a store credit), I will retain 4% of the payment to cover the fees I am charged by Paypal.