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Children's Measurements:

Use the form below to record your measurements and email them to Kay. If you prefer to send your measurements by "snail mail", click here for the printer friendly version of the form. (Note: this form and the ladies measuring instructions brochure are in Adobe Acrobat PDF form. If you do not have the Acrobat reader, click here for to download Acrobat for free.)

Each measurement description on the form below has a clickable link with instructions and photographs to help you as you measure. You might find it easier to print out the full measuring children's measuring instructions brochure (same as ladies')(Adobe Acrobat PDF) first and read through them.

Important! Click here and read this before taking your measurements!

Children's fact sheet:

First Name: Last Name:
City: State:  Zip:
Age: Height: (feet) (inches)

Click on each measurement for a picture and detailed explanation. Please measure in centimeters for better accuracy if you can, unless your measuring tape only has inches on it. If you're using inches, check this box:

Torso measurement:  Bust: Waist:  
Front Body length: Bust point to bust point: 
Front Width:
  Neck Opening:
Bodice Side measurement:
Back Width:
Back nape to waist measurement:
Neck to shoulder measurement:
Shoulder slope measurement 1:
Shoulder slope measurement 2: 
Sleeve measurement:
  Upper Arm measurement: 
Wrist measurement:
Front skirt length:  Back skirt length: 
Total back length:
Around the shoulders:  Waist to midcalf :

Posture: (a) straight back (b) hollow back (c) stooped or rounded back

Notes, Concerns, things you know about your figure that would help Kay:


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How to Measure
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