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Corset FAQs

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Corsets (like modern foundation garments) do not last forever and should be replaced regularly. Experience has shown that my corsets usually last about 2-3 years with regular wear.

Warranties: My corsets are guaranteed as to material (unless material was supplied by the customer) and workmanship for one year, during which time they may be returned for replacement with a, modified, often new, corset, which should not display the same problems as the old one.

Q: How long until I get my new corset?

On inquiry, I tell everyone that I do my utmost to get corset orders turned around within twelve to sixteen weeks of receiving them. Usually, I get them done earlier, but I never promise that.

I also send them by Priority Mail, and that can take up to 5 business days.

You can have your corset rushed for an additional $50, this upgrades shipping to EXPRESS mail; then the deposit has to be at least $100. RUSH orders will be turned in 4 weeks after receipt of the order, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Another way to shave off days, is to splash out for express mail, which is usually about $20-$25 in shipping and handling.

Q: My new corset does not fit. What shall I do?

If your measurements were correct and I picked the corset style, please return the corset with a description of the problem and I will replace it with a modified, new corset, which should not display the same problems as the old one. The new corset may be a different style and have a different price.

If your measurements were off or if the style you picked does not suit your figure, you may return the corset in as new condition for either a refund (not for S&H) or for a modified, often new, corset, which should not display the same problems as the old one.

Please Note: These corsets are cut generously over the abodmen and hips. Before you decide that the corset is too large in that area, please sit down in it and check how it fits then.

Q: My corset needs to be altered.  What shall I do?

It is always best to send photos of you wearing the corset.  This will give me a much better idea of the problem.  So return the corset and also send photos (email attachments are fine), and also try to describe the problem as best you can.  Please send a photo of the front and one of the back of you wearing the corset over a suitable chemise.

If the corset is much to big in one section, pin the fabric.

Q: I have put on / lost weight and my corset does not fit anymore. What shall I do?

I buy my corsets back, if they are in a condition that I can sell them again. If they are "shot" I might buy them back for hardware. Please contact me about this at Kgnagey@AOL.com.

Q. Can I have my corset made in other fabrics or have hand detailing done?

Yes. See the price list for the list of upgrade options and their cost.

Please enquire about any additional time needed for your chosen hand detailing.

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